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Continuous optical zoom microscopy developed by the team
2020-12-05 17:18  

Professor Qiong-Hua Wang, as the PI of 2D/3D microscope having large field and continuous optical zoom,” National Natural Science Foundation of China, led the team developing a continuous optical zoom microscope based on liquid lenses.

The team independently developed a liquid lens with adaptive zoom driven by electrowetting. In 2021, the team developed a 10×-60× continuous optical zoom microscope with a zoom switching time about 50ms. The proposed microscope can realize continuous optical zoom and axial scanning without mechanical movement. The advantages of the proposed microscope are fast response and no mechanical jitter. This microscope can be applied in the fields of medicine, life science, micro/nano manufacturing and microelectronics industry.


Continuous optical zoom microscope      10×-60× continuous optical zoom imaging


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